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Hosting a Duo Deal / Buying with a friend



  • Garrett Wilson

    I my duo purchase with my wife and it did completely work even though she used my invite to the purchase

  • irma Dean

    How do i cancel a deal

  • Chasity Butler

    Can it be the same friend every time or does it have to be different ones each time

  • Nancy Devito

    Can it be the same friend for multiple items? Or must it be a new person?

  • Ashley Flore


  • Sarah Endicott Potts

    Decided to buy a duo deal with my Mom. I hosted the deal, purchased it and sent to her but when she received my invite, the price of the item was no where near mine. I understand it's part of the game that you approach every interested party and give them the same opportunity to host a duo deal and receive better price but we're talking a significant difference in price. I got it for 3.97 minus 2 from blintz giving me a 1.50 total. She was offered it for 35, better than retail but no where near the exciting savings advertisedto me. Please explain


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