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The Duo Deal view



  • Bob Holder

    Where are
    The head phones

  • Sylvia Goetzke

    How do I cancel an accidental order that hasn't been payed yet

  • Lauren Jones

    I accidentally accepted some ok new deal. How do i opt out

  • Michele White

    Is anyone going to answer? Why is this site so frustrating and lack of support isn't helping

  • trace76barb

    I'm starting to get pissed off with this site

  • Jennie Wright

    How do I cancel my order

  • Tobi Fraley


  • Melissa Childress

    can i invite someone to a duo amd then the recipient incvite me back on the same item??

  • Jeannette Helton

    You guys can go to support help and there is a button for you to be able to push just copy the number and posted in there and explain touched the wrong button need a return need to cancel order and then send it do send something to you and you'll get your money back and that order will be cancelled it took me a little bit to understand what to do but I finally done it and now I enjoy the game and enjoyed buying things once you buy something and you share it anybody can touch the button and buy it with you once you buy it the other person buys it you both get the same thing

  • Julia Sisk



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