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How can I use my Blidz Cash?



  • Jess pennington

    It does not give me the option to use the Beast cash at checked out

  • Karen S Howard

    I wanna use my blitze cash for check out

  • Nadine Becker

    Mine won't work either

  • Tabatha Savoie

    I wanna use my blitz cash at checkout

  • rufus howery

    How do I use the cash from the app

  • Elaine Hayes

    I'm trying to use my blidz cash at checkout but it's only giving me credit for $.19 when I have $2.50 in blidz cash. Why is that?

  • Christina Harnden

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing, but I'm thinking that this is how it's done... They only let you use a percentage of your blidz cash. Which I don't understand. Why even get the app if you're trying to earn money or rewards so you can get things and then the earned money/rewards isn't utilized?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ SMH

  • michael moody

    I want My entire blitz cash refunded back in to my bank account... I didn't buy any... I tried to do a duo Deal that fell through... I want a refund please

  • Kitty Blaze

    This app is a scam you're not able to use the blitz cash at all

  • Denise Rice

    Someone please help us people out here. Me and I believe a few no a lot of people have been trying to buy your stuff with the blidz cash and well it's not working for us people at all. So if you want our business I think you ought to show us what and how to do this blidz cash. Oh and thank you.

  • samantha estep

    That's crazy I'm deleting the app

  • Ulanda Smith

    This is dumb

  • Jennifer Vandom

    Sure wish I woulda read all this before I tried to make my purchase!!! Luckily it was only .75 cents, but still!

  • Gigi

    I absolutely hate this app. I went in on a couple duo deals that fell through. They make u pay ur portion up front and if the deal falls thru they refund ur money to blitz cash. So u never get it. I've been bitching to customer support for some time now and finally today they say my bank should have the money in 10-14 days. That's BULL!!! Soon as I get my money I'm deleting this bogus app.

  • Ronald Wesche Jr

    Is this cash able to ve used, I cannot find a way. I think its vapor ripoff

  • Karen Howard

    I want to use my blitz cash to checkout


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